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Security forces destroy three naxal camps, recover arms in Jharkhand

In Jharkhand, Police and Security Forces have achieved operational success against the naxals as they destroyed three naxal camps and recovered a huge cache of arms and explosives.

Police sources told AIR Ranchi Correspondent that eight suspected ultras were also arrested. The police forces of Jharkhand and Odisha and the CRPF took part in the operation. The success came in Baliwa and Rangamati areas of Saranda forest range in the West Singhbhum district. The operation has been going on since last four days in more than a dozen villages in the Saranda forest range.

AIR Correspondent reports, Police and Security forces have launched operation to ease out the pressure of Maoists’ violent grip on the vast mineral resources and jungles of Jharkhand. The ongoing campaigns against the naxals in the thick Saranda forest range, touching Odisha, are part of that strategy.

The campaign is constantly showing results and it is boosting the morale of the security forces. The Maoists are also facing problem because an increased number of common people see them as mere brute militia to collect levies. All these developments are sure to affect the future of a state which contains most minerals for the nation.
(http://www.newsonair.com/news.asp?cat=state&id=ST6448  30/06/11, All India Radio)

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